Jimmy And Judy.  Love. Obsession. Murder. Caught on Tape.
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The Pumpkin Karver
A family looking to start life anew following a deadly tragedy finds that the past isn't as dead as they thought in director Robert Mann's Halloween-themed slasher film.

It was supposed to be an innocent prank, but when Jonathan saw his beautiful sister being attacked by a pumpkin-masked assailant, he stabbed the mysterious figure to death without realizing that the man behind the mask was in fact her mischievous boyfriend Alex.

Now the family has moved to a new town in hopes of leaving the past behind, but when an uninvited guest with a very familiar costume arrives at a Halloween party being held on a deserted farm, the rising body count proves that no matter how far you run, the past will always catch up.

Its carving time and every face is a work of art!
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